Transactional emails

Brief: Design transactional emails. Elisava exercise.

Bear in mind 3 scenarios:
Scenario1: I’m studying for a postgraduate degree at Shifta. I received an email reminding me of the deadline for my thesis at the online campus.
Scenario 2: I’m a finalist in an interview. They ask me to do some tasks in order to evaluate my knowledge of the industry.
Scenario 3: My Shift Air Max shoes have a delay in the shipment. I got an email that indicates it got lost, therefore the shoes cannot be delivered at the shop. 

The challenge in this task:
The text has to deliver a happy path.
keeping in mind the importance of a personalised text. Being concise and clear.
Apply all the concepts learned in Other Types of Content’ module by Marc Ustrell Hernandez.
Adapting text to multiple platforms, such as SMS or email.

Process: using keywords that answer the need or problem specified in the brief.
CTA scenario 1: Indicate the deadline and add it to the Google calendar.
CTA scenario 2: Inform the status of the application and demand to perform a task.
CTA scenario 3: Inform the user of the situation and ask the user to re-buy the item with a discount.



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