Brief:  Bear in mind 3 scenarios for an SMS.
Scenario 1: One week ago, I requested a new credit card at Shifta Bank. In a message, they inform me that it will be sent to my address.
Scenario 2: I made an appointment to renew my ID. In a message, they explain the details of the appointment.
Scenario 3: I have arrived in France and they send me  help numbers in case I need to contact any service.

The challenge:
The text has to deliver a happy path.
keeping in mind the importance of a personalised text. Being concise and clear.
Considering the limit of characters in the text, punctuation, tone and voice.
Apply all the concepts learned in Other Types of Content’s module by Marc Ustrell Hernandez.

Process: Using keywords that answer the need or problem specified in the brief.
Scenario 1: Indicate when to expect the arrival of the card.
Scenario 2: Mention the documents needed for the ID renovation and mention the date of the appointment.
Scenario 3: Search help numbers in France and inform them.



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